Group of paricipants

The Friends of Glad Tidings Bible Studies

(Ilosanomapiirin ystävät ry)

The association was founded on March 28, 2019 to promote and disseminate Glad Tidings (GT) Bible studies in Finland and other countries. Mailis Janatuinen has created the concept of GT Bible studies.

The purpose of the association is to train and support the leaders of GT Bible studies, to develop more material and publish it both on the Internet and in printed form, to translate existing and new material into various languages and to inform about this material online and elsewhere.

This association is based on the Bible and the apostolic creed.

The association has published the following Kindle books:

  • M. Janatuinen: The Life of David (with Perussanoma)
  • M. Janatuinen: Daavid (with Perussanoma)
  • M. Janatuinen: Koulu ja kirsikankukka

Ask for more information: ystavat(at)